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EarthCam, Inc. Launches Feature-Packed Control Center 7

Sets New Standard in WebCam Camera Control Software


New York, August 30, 2007 -- EarthCam, Inc., ( the leader in webcam technology, today announced the launch of Control Center 7, a new professional remote IP Network Camera control and job site management system.

The advanced web-based software, available to all EarthCam clients in the international construction, traffic management, and security industries, merges ease of use with advanced functions and image-building, sophisticated design. Incorporating 11 years of experience building proprietary webcam technology, EarthCam’s new software enables hundreds of features of megapixel and live streaming video cameras across all major brands.

"Control Center 7 sets a new standard in the growing demand for a simplified, secure approach to professional camera control software. Remote project management has never been easier or more productive" said Brian Cury, EarthCam CEO and Founder.

"With Control Center 7 the EarthCam development team re-invented live remote IP Network Camera control, refined video archiving methods and added satellite imagery to address the current and anticipated future needs of clients worldwide in business and government." Cury said.

Going Green With Live Collaboration

Control Center 7’s intuitive personal design program, customized by users for individual comfort and convenience, encourages expanded use of the remote webcam systems to monitor manage and document projects. The result benefits the environment as well as the project budget through reduced highway and air travel, by architects, construction managers, executives, potential tenants, suppliers, security personnel and other job site-related professionals.

Use of available solar power technology and lowlight cameras to minimize lighting requirements enhances environmental responsibility further. Accessing a "one click" quick reference database supports live collaboration offering paperless team notes which track project milestones, reports, official documents and images.

Satellite Imagery

For the first time in IP Network Camera control software, integrated satellite zoom-in and aerial fly-bys of job site locations provide a valuable means to pinpoint the project and explore surrounding real estate while bringing added excitement to an official website.

Maximum Camera Control

Control Center 7 also offers multiple ways to pan/ tilt / zoom and manage live cameras including keyboard, click to center, virtual joystick and easy to use desktop USB joystick control.

For those customers linking their cameras and time-lapse movies to a public website or inviting potential clients, tenants, investors or media to a password-protected site, the layout option is enhanced by an instant access, color-coordinated template to complement and enhance individual company websites.

Additional features include true full screen, an interactive dashboard, image comparison, slideshows, Flash video playback, plus wireless and solar support software.
The software is also supported by a completely new website at For more information on the new software visit

EarthCam is the recognized leader in developing and providing advanced webcam technology and managed services to businesses since 1996. EarthCam offers complete infrastructure solutions to manage, host and maintain live streaming video and megapixel camera systems. The company currently delivers hundreds of millions of live images daily in both password-protected form for international business and government customers and in public access form for worldwide consumer viewing. Clients include Ford, Sprint, Toyota, Panasonic, Yahoo!, Public Broadcasting System (PBS), Coca-Cola, Discover Card, Turner Construction, Lockheed Martin, Skanska USA, Forest City Ratner Companies, Washington Group International as well as numerous government agencies including 26 departments of transportation such as Caltrans, the New Jersey DOT, City of Raleigh, Canadian Ministry of Transportation, as well as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the GSA. (#GS-35F-0719P).


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